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As a result - you will receive - a report with a list of vulnerabilities and recommendations for fixing them

"In the 21st century, the site works - the business works"
Mikhail Melnik, Information Security and Data Communications Engineer
Кому эта услуга будет полезна:
  • System administrators and website developers
  • Business owners - whose business is present on the Internet
  • Everyone - who is serious about IT security

You can choose one of the service packages for website vulnerability monitoring

when monitoring security - we do not ask and do not receive access (to information on your servers, site control panels), nor do we transfer information about the results of work to third parties.

Once a month (Every month you get a site vulnerability report)
when paid per year
Every week (Every week you get a website vulnerability report)
when paid per year
Real-time (Report comes at the time of the appearance of a new vulnerability)
when paid per year
Corporate solutions (If it is necessary to monitor 2 or more resources, the cost is individual)
price is negotiable
when paid per year

7 main dangers when a site is hacked

media logo Delete site Find a vulnerability - and delete the site forever. Often this can be done by a 15-year-old hacker who, after watching open access video tutorials, decided to “have fun” and test his skills (hack a site, launch a DDoS attack or steal data). As a result, an unprotected site becomes a victim. media logo Intercept orders Install a special code on the site that will take all or part of the orders to another resource. media logo Steal the database 1. Block access to data (block your site) 2. Sell data to competitors or other companies (data theft) 3. Send spam, false promotions to customers on behalf of the company in order to gain financial benefits Don't put off cybersecurity for later, later is always more expensive media logo Hidden redirection of visitors/clients Install a redirect on your site that will redirect some of the target users to a competitor's site or any other resource. It is dishonest to place advertising banners on your site. We recommend diagnosing, analyzing or ordering a penetration test. media logo Downgraded in search results and blocked in Google Install malicious code on the site. Google, upon detecting such a code, will block or move the site to low positions in the search results. Thus, the site will lose traffic and sales, which will greatly affect the profitability of the entire business. Here you need the service "treatment and restoration" of the site. media logo Steal payment card data Through advertising platforms or web analytics services, inject a malicious script to the online payment page to steal payment card data. At the same time, the reputation of the company suffers, which is extremely difficult and expensive to restore. Do not forget to check the level of cybersecurity of your information resources. media logo Encrypt valuable files Crypto lockers will place a virus that encrypts valuable files with a hard password. And for the return of important data will require a large sum. Common fraud (cybercrime) leads to the blocking of the site. We can help you unlock your files and get your site back up and running.

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