Implement time control

Time tracking is an important criteria for employee performance. It solves the following tasks:

  • Calculation of employees who are systematically late and take time off, by fixing the time of arrival at work.
  • Checking the presence of an employee at the workplace during the working day and returning him on time after lunch.

Such monitoring will soon eliminate delays and early waste, communication on social networks and communication in messengers on non-work topics, smoke breaks, etc. As a result, the manager will be able to achieve the goal - each employee will be at the workplace every minute and carry out their job descriptions. As a result, you will ensure the protection of your business and will be able to increase the efficiency of the entire company as a whole.

We introduce control over the work of remote employees and terminals

The pandemic has made significant adjustments to the usual corporate life of companies. As a result, many switched to remote work. To prevent this from leading to the collapse of successful business processes, it is necessary to strengthen control over employees who work remotely. As a result, work even in a “home office” will be no less productive and efficient.

What do we offer?

We propose to monitor employees at the workplace by introducing agents - special programs installed on computers and technical means. The agent sends the received information to the server, which is then processed. At any time, the manager can get acquainted with the results of the employees' activities and take appropriate measures.

Control your employees and you can effectively manage your company

What does quality control of work give to employees:

  • they understand the requirements of the leader.
  • they gain confidence in their position and motivation in their work.
  • can expect to receive a stable salary and career growth.